FREEPB.ORG is/was an organization dedicated to keeping it legal to drink beer on the beach. We tried really, really hard to keep that freedom for years, but finally lost the war when the second citywide referendum went the wrong way by about 0.1%, thanks to the "riot" that happened on the beach Labor Day weekend some years back.

These days the skeleton crew works on forcing the city to have a level playing field when it comes to special alcohol permits. Case in point: OMBAC/OTL. We have no problem with them, OTL is fun. But they're the only organization that year-after-year magically gets a license to have large quantities of beer on the beach/interior of Fiesta Island, and nobody else is ever approved. Something fishy there.

One note on history: was never "paid off" or in any way controlled by any alcohol-related companies. All cash we raised was from members and other individuals. After we received around $50k in donations from one member, we were accused of taking money from "the liquor lobby," which was just not true. Later, when we started placing the large cardboard boxes on the beach for major holiday trash control, we took sponsorship from anyone who would give it. But just to buy trash/recycling bins.